VESIROOS OÜ has been active in the field of Estonian construction for more than 20 years. To this day, the main operating areas are general construction and general contracting in the field of construction. As of today and in addition to the activities mentioned afore, we have established an additional department of special works, which follows the same principles that have won us the trust of our clients. The management system of the company is certified by standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Long-term experience in the field of construction provides certainty

“The principle value is our experience in the field of construction for more than 20 years, during which we have performed works as main contractor and as the subcontractor as well. Constant communication with our current and previous clients has provided feedback which we have used to enhance our work quality and efficiency. Our wish is to provide certainty for all of our clients – all issues will be resolved during the guarantee period and even after the period has ended. We are always available and we will not disappear anywhere. We have to be tolerant when performing our duties as the service provider; it is important for us to take into account the special wishes coming from our clients. It is also important to find the best solutions in collaboration with the customer, designer and the builder; starting from the early stages of the project until to the point of receiving the permit for use of construction works. This is all accomplished by our skilled workforce, our long-term experience in the field of project management, and by the fact that we manage our work in accordance with ISO certificates of the quality management system. It is essential to be honest and reliable to yourself and to partners and clients. All our construction work is performed in a manner as if we were building it for ourselves; therefore we do not make any compromises in terms of quality. Our long-term collaboration with acknowledged partners, the usage of certified materials and meeting the deadline has an important role to play in this.“


The best result can be achieved with precision and by keeping one’s word

“Our strength is that we always meet the deadlines and keep our word. When we have made a promise then we will find the necessary means to achieve the goal. Clients appreciate our supervision of the building process. This helps us to discover possible imperfections at an early stage, and to perfect them. It would not be possible to provide high quality projects without our skilled workforce, educated engineers, high quality materials and certificated appliances.

We believe that as specialists working in the field of construction on a daily basis, it is our task to offer rational and energy efficient solutions, which means that we can start contributing already from the early stages of the project, and give advice to our clients. None of our clients will ever be left unnoticed and there will be a solution provided to every problem. Above all, we can help with our competency and engineering expertise, which means that should a client need help with heating or ventilating a building, the best solution will be provided by us. Our work ethic is to be accurate and correct as well as to achieve the best result both in the constructional and financial field.”


It is always best not to hurry

“The team acknowledges its worth and takes this into account; this can be seen as the strength of Vesiroos OÜ. It is elementary to know and inspect materials and technologies as this will eliminate possible guarantee issues which may appear afterwards. We are always honest to our clients and wish them to know that our main goal is not to have a big profit, but to perform our tasks in a correct manner and to correctly manage the construction process. The fact that we offer quality in the fields of structures, general construction, concrete workand roofing allows us to provide high quality for every segment and also as a whole. We offer help to our customers by helping them choose appropriate materials, by calculating the structures and by figuring out the right solutions for them. It is always best not to hurry in the field of construction.”